Make it APPen


Shift Appens

Shift APPens is an event organized with love by NEI and jeKnowledge. We bring students and workers from all over the country to the city of Coimbra. We can promise you fun, competition, challenges and friendships! If you have never participated, come join us! We are much more than a Hackathon,
do you really want to miss it?

What is it?

Shift APPens is a Hackathon where participants have 48 hours to create an application, defending it in a final pitch in front of a carefully chosen jury.

We aim to foster healthy competition and an exchange of knowledge from the tech world among the participants, all taking place in a relaxed environment. We gather developers, designers and entrepreneurs of different technological fields, from north to south of the country.

On the way to its 7th edition, our Hackathon is organized by the University of Coimbra's Computer Science Students Organization and by jeKnowledge, a junior enterprise of the Faculty of Sciences and Technology of the University of Coimbra.

We can promise you fun, competition and friendships! If you have never participated, come join us!


How is it?

Due to the relaxed working environment, the trade of knowledge from the world of technology and the promotion of a healthy competition, participating in this event is a great opportunity to develop not only hard skills, but also soft skills, like team spirit, creativity, and the ability to work under the pressure of the 48 hour timing.


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